Safety & Training

Material Safety Data Sheets

Since Basin Tree Service believes a comprehensive training and safety program is our most important insurance against potential problems and subsequent customer complaints, we begin by requiring each potential employee to submit to a background check as well as take and pass a comprehensive pre-employment drug test.

Upon satisfactory completion each and every operational employee receives at least the following training and instruction before they are permitted to begin work: review of company policies and procedures; first aid and CPR training; hazardous material handling, transportation and clean up; equipment use and maintenance; and finally, testing for applicator licenses in the various states we conduct business.

In addition to the initial training all operational employees receive monthly, quarterly and annual re-certification training which ensures they are current on the latest company and industry safety information as well as policies and procedures.

Our hazardous communication program ensures the work environment is free from recognized hazards that could cause injury or illness to company employees or visitors as each supervisor and manager is accountable for the safety performance of his departmental activities.  This program specifically addresses the areas of: hazard evaluation, labels and warnings, material safety data sheets (MSDS), employee information & training, and pre- and post-supervisor review of projects.  BTS complies with the Department of Transportation training and testing requirements as specified in HM 126 F that specifically addresses the safe transportation of hazardous materials.  In the event of an accidental spill of any hazardous material, BTS employees are trained and certified under federal guidelines to quickly evaluate the situation to determine any public health risks, properly contain the spill, and provide clean up.

The company’s training and safety information is always available for review by our customers upon request.

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